Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Allright, I'll say it. She's a slime dripping dunce.

you know there's a word that rythms with hunt running in my head right now.

It's clear that Tony and I have a very different definition of "almost immaculate propriety" -- assuming, that is, we both read the same jaw-dropping accounts of drugged up, hallucinating, and stressed out U.S. troops, "killing the wrong people all the time..."

and of course the sources for this bullshit are... conscientious objectors. Who of course would have no reason to lie right? They only want to go home as fast as their little rabbit feet can take them. So if everything is runing smoothly there might be a tougher time convincing everyone that they just can't stand it anymore. That they might, you know, be cowards, and not just victims of conscience.

Nope, no motive to lie now is there?

Arianna, must have not read this part.

The accounts of Hicks and some other vets returning as C.O.s or with disabilities are obviously tinged with bitterness and may be exaggerated.

no shit.

the story itself says these stories only come from "some" of the CO's questioned, not all. It say's that the Marines have a "killing is fun mentality", well ya know what? That's what they do, when I took my M60 specialist course that was our chant. And I was in the Air Force, trained by rangers. Men who are trained to KILL, often make black humor, often swagger with words, that doesn't mean they toss grenades into living rooms by extension.

I found this at Don't Go Into The Light, via Blackfive.

LB's post about covers it.

Arianna hits bottom and digs yesterday as she shows her utter contempt for the troops and advises Democrats to sell out our military for political gain as "drugged up, hallucinating, and stressed out" killers for whom Haditha is an everyday occurance.

Arianna has the principles of a goat. she was a buffoon as a republican and I was greatful when she jumped ship. We didn't need her brand of politics.

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