Sunday, May 21, 2006


Uhm, OK then.

A US film featuring actors performing real sex is a "call to arms" against President George W. Bush, the director told journalists at the Cannes film festival.
One scene likely to create controversy in the United States and some other countries shows a gay threesome in which one participant joyfully bellows "The Star Spangled Banner."
The actor with the singing voice, PJ Deboy, said he did the scene to show that he was as American as anyone, despite resistance to gays in parts of the country, including Washington.

Explicit gay sex, and he thinks anyone who disagrees with him might actually ever go see this? A clue to the directer,

he told a media conference, adding that his country was living in "the era of Bush, which is about clamping down, being scared."

How exactly has he been "clamped" down on? And recognizing that the enemies we fight don't talk about stoning gays, they actually do it, is about being "scared"? I'm highly skeptical when anyone uses sexual imagery to make a political point. It makes me think that it's not about real issues, but about an exhibitionist fetish on their part. He gets off on the kink of it, and that's all it's about. The factis, that Bush is the best hope gays have to change things like this....

Eric quotes the Independent Gay Forum on the situation for gays under the Palestinian Authority - a situation that is probably no worse than it is for gays in other Muslim states:

According to Halevi, one young man discovered to be gay was forced by Palestinian Authority police "to stand in sewage water up to his neck, his head covered by a sack filled with feces, and then he was thrown into a dark cell infested with insects." During one interrogation Palestinian police stripped him and forced him to sit on a Coke bottle.

When he was released he fled to Israel. If he were forced to return to Gaza, he said, "The police would kill me."

I guess Bush's climate of fear and repression is just so horrible, that the gay community would rather make oddball films that attack him, than address something as petty as,.. oh,... gay murder in Islamic countries.

I'm glad he knows who his real enemy is.....

sarcasm off;

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