Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is KOS?

I never knew his real name, nor cared to. This is the guy behind all the self aggrandising crap on theKOS website?

He's a child.

It would account for all the tantrums, the fullbore rants, the I'm perfect while cowardly seeking to remove all traces to his rather stupid statements on Americans deaths bullshit. The thing about youth, is the complete certainty that you know everything, and everyone else isn't just wrong, but evil. His brushing off real enemies to point the finger at Bush as the true demon. A well fed and pampered pup, he couldn't make it through boot, and try breaking some bones. Then having to work anyway, cause your family depends on you boy. I doubt he has the experiences to know that hubris is a disease mostly affecting the too young and the too sure.

Tim Blair led me to this, and I'm glad he's around to wade through the swamps for us. The thing about KOS isn't just that he's wrong on everything from my prospective, but that he's so damn arrogant about it. He's out to SAVE the Constitution from all the dark forces on the right, middle and even the moderate left.

He is, is he?

What's hypocritical of lefty loonys and the Constitution is that any time they wish to change it, or reinterprit it, it's just allowing the Constitution to be a living document, that adapts and changes as it was created to do. I actually agree with that. The problem is, he considers anyone else's attempts to do the same thing as trashing the Constitution. So, which is it boy? Either we all have the same rules to live by, or we have a one party KOS UberAlles. Since the only thing in his rather limited mind that saves this country from ruin, seems to be.... him.

His is the cocksuredness of a child, demanding, willful, and utterly certain that no one ever had an original before HE came along. I have to tell you, I like children, adore my own, cherish them all,

but I wouldn't let them decide the family budget, or tell me how best to protect them.

I've bled and hurt too much to believe in absolutes anymore.

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