Thursday, May 18, 2006



The second post in a row on something at Powerline. After Blogcritics lambastes Powerline for an ad that appears on their site, the very same ads appear on the page the piece is posted on.


I've only gone to Blogcritics once before this, and if this is an example of how shody they can get, I won't be back. I mean, good lord how can you be such an ass. It would pay them to actually look at their own ads first, don't ya think? I make lots of mistakes myself, and there's no shame in that, at least if you admit to it. But I don't set myself up as being a watchdog either. So yes, I'm laughing at Blogcritics.

I'm just a simple guy, no education above High School, not a journalist, not a scholar, not an expert on anything. I'm just a working dad, struggling with finances, medical problems, and trying to raise a family. Just a shmoe off the street, a Bush voter, someone tired of being treated like I should shut up and be a good little drone, because the "experts" are on the job. Well, I didn't get to go to college, but my IQ is 133, and I have been a veteran, a father, and a man trying hard to get by when it becomes increasingly tougher to do so. I read as much as I can, from all sides, and at 46 experience in the world I have, so here are my opinions. Take them or leave them, but they are hardly uninformed. If someone like blogcritics took a hard look at me, I'm sure they would find a lot of things to criticise. Still, it's hard not to laugh when a self appointed guardian of the blogesphere falls flat on his face.

No one is perfect, least of all me. But to go after someone for doing exactly what you yourself do?

That's comedy.

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