Wednesday, May 10, 2006


A little peek into my past

Every branch of the services has it's own elite combat forces, the Army, Navy and Marines are all well known, and all deeply respected, and rigthfully so. The Air Force is no different, except our history is known to far fewer people. I can remember coming home on leave, and people looked on me in shock. Air Force blue, with a beret? Combat qualifications? This is a joke right? I mean the Air Force doesn't have ground combat forces,... do they?

Yes, they do.

It's a proud history, for no other branch or unit that I'm aware of has this distinction. They aren't trained to fight to the last man. No surrender, no retreat, no quarter. We hold until relieved, or die in place. That is our legacy and heritage. We fight to protect the noncombatants who cannot. Our sacrifice would be to save the lives of others, to buy them time. Every SP knew this, and accepted the mission that we volunteered for.

So if I seem unyielding on a given point, it's in my nature.

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