Thursday, May 18, 2006



I've been updating my blogroll, as can be plainly seen. I'm gonna break some with the unwritten rule that you must link back to a site that links to you. I know I'm super small time, not anywhere near the level of intelligence or wit that I've linked to. So, I'll be just as happy if no one links to me, beyond those friends that already have. I'm not so proud as to be anything but greatful if someone reads what I've written. You see this is therapy for me, just getting things off my chest.

So wether you agree with me or not, links are welcome, but I make no claim to deserve them. My writing has gotten pretty rusty, and I'm really trying to improve it, to not repeat myself, to make it crisper. Working too on making my posts shorter, more direct. I guess, more... conversational. That's what I enjoy, friendly conversation, picket signs are for outside please.

So pour a coffee, and if you like, we'll talk for a spell.

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