Friday, May 12, 2006


I Really Wonder About This Stuff

Instapundit led me to this,

"Alarmed by the relentless rise of anti-Americanism around the world, a business-backed group is trying to change the behavior that spawned an enduring stereotype of Americans abroad — loud, arrogant, ill-dressed, ill-mannered and lacking respect for other cultures."

Somehow I really doubt that anti-Americanism is purely a product of one on one contact with rude Americans. It just couldn't account for the high numbers. I have a piss poor view of the French, but haven't met any since high school. So I doubt the premise is valid. I base my view on the craven behavior of their governments, and the polls taken of French views on world events. The worst, absolute worst kind of ugly anything behavior I've personally witnessed, was from Saudi's in training at a US base. You can't begin to know just how openly, wantonly insulting those little shits could be. I say "little", because like many foreigners, the Saudi's are quite short in height. A few of them were given a ticket back home their behavior was so bad. Anti-Amercanism has always been around, driven in many cases by the hardcore leftwing in europe and asia, a remnant of the cold war. Political differences turned bigotry.

Being the only, for lack of a better word, "hyperpower" in the world, we are just going to have to get used to it. They are never going to love the 900lb.Gorillaa roaming the earth, never going to warm to a nation that can crush another nation at will with minimal cost to itself. I doubt that any power in our position in history has ever been liked, or even worried that they weren't. That we care at all shows a certain charm, if not innocence.


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