Friday, May 12, 2006


Daddry Lord of Rohan

A widdle fun,

My wife and I really loved the Lord of The Rings trilogy, so this is a fun little item. I actually identfy alot more with Boromir than any of the others. He's flawed, very human, and gives into temptation. He redeems himself in the end by sacrificing himself to save Merry and Pippin, he regains his honor, holds true to the fellowship. His life ends with his desire to save his people still on his lips.

We should all meet our end so well.

Alot has been written drawing political lessons on both the right and left from these films. I won't do that though. Let them stand as the works they are, and if we draw anything at all from them,.. Let it be that friendship, and love, can enable even the most humble among us to accomplish the impossible. That's a lesson we can all find inspiration in.

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