Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Da Vinci Code,

I'm not chatholic, I was actually raised a Seventh Day Adventist. I'm struck however at how entirely safe that the producers of this film felt to be insulting close to a billion people world world wide. And with all the protests, calls for bans, and hunger strikes,.....

No ones been killed, and nothings been torched. The backlash has been peacefull and restrained, compare that to the aftermath of a single panel cartoon in a European newspaper depicting Mohammad. The difference is striking and frankly, if you're Muslim, you ought to feel a little ashamed of your brethren.


I think that this person got it right.

Wong said the 'strategy' adopted by many Malaysian churches in response to the movie, which also opens there on Thursday, was to hold talks debunking claims made by Brown in his book and the movie.
'We are not intimidated by this. If you hold your house in order, you are not afraid of any onslaught,' he said.

Wether Brown actually believes the things in the book or movie I couldn't say, I do note however that is was published as a "novel" and not as nonfiction. I don't intend to see the film and never read the book. Not as a protest, I just don't care for murder thrillers wrapped in conspiracy, there were alot of them done in the seventies and I disliked all of them. I do find the comments by various people envolved in the film that they never saw this protest coming as utter BS. They knew exactly what they were doing. Controversay brings box office, meaning lots and lots of money. The only First Amendment right that's being excercised is the right to piss on someones faith and line your pockets while doing it.

I used to think Hanks was better than this, but I guess not.

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