Friday, May 19, 2006


At last, some sanity.

Senator Joe Lieberman, I don't always agree with him, but I always gave him credit for being a serious minded Statesman. A rarity in the democratic party. Instapundit pointed to this post from Ann Althouse. The sane part of the democratic party is finally waking up to the attempted purging of one of the best of the moderate faction in their party.

A growing cast of prominent activists is backing [Democratic challenger Ned] Lamont. Markos Moulitsas, who advised the presidential campaign of Howard Dean in 2004 and founded the blog Daily Kos, is appearing in a campaign commercial for Mr. Lamont....

"A very simple thing happened that changed Democratic politics dramatically, and that was that the war turned bad," [said Al From, the founder and chief executive of the Democratic Leadership Council], adding of the senator's critics: "There's a group in our party that makes a lot of noise and I don't think they've ever won an election. They're trying to take out one of the great statesmen our party has and that's wrong."

Finally, ..... finally someone is noticing that there's an effort to drive the remaining moderates away from the party. It's telling that From recognizes that guys like KOS are killing them. They are the red meat left, more interested in screaming at the right than at being serious about governing the only super power left in the world. KOS is good at drawing the foaming at the mouth left, but that doesn't win jack. You have to act as if you understand what the majority want, and it isn't Kos's agenda. Maybe some good will come of this.

Maybe, at last the center right will begin to grab a whip and a chair and tell these clowns that they are the propeller beanie fringe. So they need to sit down and shut up, while the grownups try and save the party. KOS is the best defense republicans have.

They look so much better in comparison.

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