Sunday, November 12, 2006


ah,... British humor.

This guy understands that many have fallen into the trap of deluding themselves. Their opposition to Bush is so intense, so irrational, that they parrot the enemies propaganda.

And herein lies the danger. For it is similarly easy to parody Bush, to rejoice in his humiliation. But in doing so, it is the Islamic extremists who are surely having the last laugh.

In mocking Bush and deliberately distorting his values, we risk pandering to the fanatics' portrayal of the President as the pantomime villain of global politics, a blood-sucking monster who rejoices in the deaths of innocents and the destruction of Muslim homelands.

He understands this part too,

For all Baron Cohen's implicit cultural superiority, when it comes down to a real challenge against our freedom, the only country that counts is America.

Britain might have the most advanced sense of humour in the world, but we couldn't fight our way out of a paper bag without America's help, let alone against an Al Qaeda onslaught.

So, is it really that funny? Make you feel good to act you so much smartyer than mR. Buusch? Where's your Yale degree? Attend Harvard too did you? I don't equate Ivy League with intelligence, but it goes to illustrate a point, he's not dumb, or he wouldn't have passed there with higher scores than Kerry. So as much as it makes libs get a hard on to imply that he's a lightweight, it flys in the face of reality. So he's a poor public speaker, many if not most presidents were, but that's not how history judges them.

How many democrats who delighted in these jokes, woke up after election day to see how Al Qaeda and Iran were congratulating them on winning and beginning the unilateral surrender of America... and sat there in shock? Angry, pissed that the enemies of the United States saw them as advocating surrender? We tried to tell you, but you said it was hate politics....

Well the enemy did congratulate you.

So you can lay off the rethoric of partisan bashing, act in our best interests and learn from it. Learn that evil doesn't care how you use their words, just that you do.


Maybe they do get it, this time.

The democrats may have won Congress, but not the liberals,

“The problem with Washington,” Ms. McCaskill added, “is you have so many senators who are from bright blue and bright red states; they’re not interested in common ground. They’re interested in making each other look bad.”
These attitudes could lead to tensions with the party’s liberal base in Congress — many of the party’s expected committee chairmen are traditional liberals — and thus occasional headaches over the next two years for the Democratic leaders, Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid.
But Democratic strategists say both leaders recognize that the new Democratic majority was elected, in large part, from Republican-leaning districts and states. If those new members vote in a purely partisan way, they — and the majority — will quickly be put at risk.

That's about right, the consensus is, win the war, and help the lower middle class. Anything like Pelosi's pre-election jihad against the right, and these new rep's will bolt for the door. They simply have no large base at home to allow them to play that game and survive.

so the country win's, the left get's a reality check right along side the right. Time for moderates to rule for a bit. I've never been a Hastert fan, and I'm sure as Hell not a Pelosi one, so this will be enteresting to watch.


roll your eyes with me on this

Elton John,..

Sir Elton said: "I think religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people. Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays.

"But there are so many people I know who are gay and love their religion. From my point of view I would ban religion completely.

"Organised religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate."

so much for the tolerance of the left, or the ability of Sir John to see the irony of calling for the acceptence and tolerance of gays, while claiming he would ban peoples religions because he doesn't like them. Tolerate me, and every freak show on earth that promotes gays, but a quiet chapel somewhere is intolerable?

Elton's a buffoon, like many entertainers he's a genious in his art, but a dunce on the basics. Last time I checked, gays were pretty well tolerated in the west, overly represented in the higher incomes, so his "woe is me" act is kinda tired. His muddle headed belief we all just need to sit down and talk with bomb throwers, while locking down churches,......... he does know that the only serious persecution of gays is in the muslim nations he thinks are just being bullied, doesn't he?

I doubt it.

he's not that smart.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Areply to a caring question.

Miss, the post was for a friend, who's father is in the last stages of alzheimer's. My way of offering some advice when loosing someone so close. Your question deserves more time than a quick comment can offer, so here goes.

I've broken my back twice, the second time in two places, I have seven bad discs, two ruptured completely. I have the primary nerve for the left side parallel to the spinal cord pinched in four places. So I hurt a lot. Advanced osteoarthritis of the spine, so movement is painful. I'm lucky however. I can still walk, if with a cane, and some pain. So even after the surgeries, I'll not be 100%, this is long term, so the longer I stay mobile, the better.

That you ask for insight into your partners feelings about long term problems, tell's me many good things about you. I'm no expert, so whatever tiny help I can offer, I hope it helps.

What do I want, need to help me deal with this?

That's tough to answer. I'm a proud man, too proud, and after 31 years of doing my best to feed and care for other people, being off work for this,.. well, it shames me. I'm ashamed that I'm not as strong as I want to be, and to not candy coat it, afraid inside of being completely dependent on other people.

So if he's anything like me, babying him, just hurts his pride. Let him do what he thinks he can, unless it's going to hurt him. Go along on a doctors visit if he'll let you, make him feel that he matters enough for you to want to help in his treatment. Even if there's nothing required that you do, just going is a kind of reassurance that can go a long way. My wife, well if she has a hangnail, I go along on the visit, but seldom, does she go on my office visits. The evaluations and tests yes, but not routine visits. That usually depresses me a bit. I know she loves me.. but you feel very much alone, when sitting in a cold exam room, and unpleasant information is given to you.

Encouragement, expressions of support, small gestures like a light hug, a quick kiss. On more intimate terms,.. try not to hurt him, if he's got some form of pain. Couples can always try different things, till something that pleases both, but doesn't hurt him can be found. He'll probably not tell you if you're hurting him, so watch his eyes. I won't ruin it for my wife by saying, we have to stop.. but with my back, she often does hurt me. We're still finding our own way on this.

Our love is unusual in that being the man, I'm the expressive one, she's the one who keeps it inside too often.

Try and let him know, that his condition isn't something that'll drive you away. Try and show him as best you can, that you want him, and are willing to adjust with him together to find your way through this.

There is no roadmap, none.

Just keep in mind, for all our bravery, bravado, our shows of strength and pride, inside where you can't see is a small boy afraid of being abandoned.

Afraid that he's alone in the dark, in the rain and no one cares.

Men are far more complex than the shrinks will admit. We need more than anything else to know we have value in the eyes of those we love.

Clearly I'm not very good at this.. I wish I was better.

Valerie, all I can really say is, if you care about him, let him know as often as you can. Accept that he's going to have bad days, going to be miserable sometimes, possibly short tempered. It doesn't mean he's mad at you, or the world, but maybe at himself. He doesn't mean to hurt your or anyones feelings, it just means he hurts... he's often going to hurt. I find I apologize alot these days myself.

He's hurting, and I suspect, you are too. You seem like good people Miss, I hope you two find a way, and I hope this tiny peek into my mind, helps you into his.;


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Via Instapundit, and Austin Bay, I ran into Mr. Hitchen's article on Kerry and his flopped joke.

One thing I already knew is confirmed--there is a very great deal of class resentment in these United States. Another thing I wasn't so sure of is also confirmed--James Webb in Virginia is right to stress the huge rage felt by those of Scots-Irish provenance who feel that they have born the heat and burden of the day in America's wars, and been rewarded with disdain.

Even my most relaxed soldier-correspondent from Iraq itself (a highly educated friend of faultlessly Irish extraction) confessed to a feeling of irritation at the few chances he had to meet Ivy League types in uniform.

Yes there is class distrust, the Ivy League types, aka, liberals, do not usually join up. Disdaining the common values of patriotism and honor. The semi-rural and rural folks who do enlist see what the so called elites think of us, and are hated for it. A return of emotion that they richly deserve. Flyover Americans are just hicks right? Can't read or write and never go online to get various opinions... can't understand nuance or subtle issues..

uh huh,.....

Well yes we can, and that's why democrats who pander to the liberal elite loose all the time. They don't get that insulting the ones who do all the heavy lifting isn't just dumb, it's painful. Time that the democrats dumped the kos-sites and brought back the Lieberman's. Then, they might win once in a while, but not when the common man hating left is in charge.


Letting go.

My faith is my faith, and it doesn't mean I can't accept new theory on a given technology. I'm not a fundiementalist, and most christians aren't. Faith for us is a moral question, stem cell is a unique issue. Human experimentation isn't or shouldn't be open to debate, didn't we learn anything from the Nazi eugenics programs?

I know that it's not a popular qustion here.

You have to learn, to let go sometimes. There is still no cure for what killed my father, no explanation for why my son died at birth. But some things, much as we would love them to be different, just are.

I see the surgeon again in Dec. I've been avoiding seeing him. I know it has to be done, but I dread where this is going. My body is broken, they can repair some of it, but time isn't my ally. I will always be in pain, never free of it. They were blunt about that part. The only grace, is that my mind is unaffected, for which I'm greatful.

I would like a cure, but not at any price.

I see embryonic stem cell research as an evil thing. Harvested embryo's,.. if I had never seen his face, and seen the faces of my two other children in his.. maybe I could look at this clinically, but I can't. Religion or not, could anyone of you in my place, just right him off? consider him just tissue?

There are other ways, maybe not ones with patent medicine men pushing them for money, but this doesn't end research.

I'm working as hard as I can, to not be bitter and angry at the universe for hurting all the time. Most have no idea how difficult that is. Pain causes the natural response to lash out, to hurt someone else in anger, in rage.

I'm trying to avoid that path.

So I'm finding a kind of peace in letting go of the hurt, the anger, the rage that this was visited on me. It's no one else's fault, maybe mine, but not yours. I'm looking for peace, but the rage is still within me, buried, but not expunged.

you have to let go, the anger will eat you up from the inside out.

you have to let go.

It's not an easy thing to let a loved one slip away, never easy. I've done it too many times now, and if anything, it's as hard a thing as you will ever do. I would be lying if I said, I loved my father, for that I'm sorry too. My mother's dying screams as the cancer took her into a coma still ring in my head. Sleepless nights are a long, long thing for me.

I see a touch of my mother in my daughter's eyes, myself in my son. So in letting go you can come full circle to the beginning of new life, letting go of your ghosts. Giving them the attention you would have lost by being angry at life, at others.

you have to let go.

a long ago ancester of mine was a reverend, so maybe I can be forgiven for this long comment. I'm just concerned that in hoping to hang onto what was, we shut out what will be. We all want peace in these things, and to not hurt as we do. That never is though, so time, and reflection, but mostly time ease the pain.

My parents are long gone now, hanging on to them, dragging them with me, because in my grief,.. I can't leave them in peace.. no.

Death is almost never welcome, sometimes however, it's a release. One we have to accept, grieve and move on.

letting go finally.

Not a happy ending, but a natural one.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Fuck you too, Senator

Kerry responded Tuesday with a harsh statement and in a hastily arranged news conference in Seattle: "I apologize to no one for my criticism of the president and of his broken policy."

It's pretty simple, Kerr meant what he said, I saw the tape. There is a signifigant wing of the democrat party that looks on the military and veterans with disdain, contempt. They see it as a refuge for white trash, uberpatriots and klansmen, they think anyone really smart would make the choice not to serve. They do believe this, I've spoken with such democrats, and anyone who knows more than a couple of them has as well. Kerry's an elitist fop, he slandered US before, he's doing it now.

The differnce is that the left can no longer protect him from the backlash. He may cost them dearly in the election, so many dems are running from him on this.

I'm a vet, many republicans are as well, so this bullshit,...

Former Democratic Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia, who lost both legs and an arm while serving in Vietnam, said, "The Republicans are so desperate that they'll take anything and try to make the most of it."

Ooooohhhh, the dems have a veteran,... so what. I had a best friend who was a Kennedy democrat, that they have veterans does not,

A. Make them immune from being, wrong, and stupid.
B. Mean that their vets are just gosh darn more patriotic than ours are.

Cleland served well, so did MacArther, he still was an ass, and so is Cleland. McCain says Kerry fucked up, so if you wanna compare vets, we get no where, but what do the common troops of today think?

Take a look courtesy of Knowledge Is Power.

Whatever Kerry meant, he must do a right thing for once and apologise for real. No "republican hate machine" hijinks, no dodging, no doublespeak... Just own up to it. If you are on Kerry's side here, I feel sorry for you. Because you have no clue as to how hateful, petty, and small minded the left looks here. The real truth is, the left does want us to lose in Iraq, so they can trumpet their wisdom. The cost in men and blood is nothing to them, because,.. well they would have voted GOP anyway,...

right dickhead, Senator?

Sunday, October 22, 2006


vile behavior

So, if a republican staffer leaked portions of classifed reports to major newspapers designed to smear the democratic president... should he be prosecuted for violating his oaths and breaking federal law? Is it ever justified to harm national security because you hate a president, like say, Clinton, enough to do it?

should we hold him to account?

if yes, then read this, and if you're a democrat sit down and shut up.

The dems have made intelligence information a game of leaking half truths. Only the bits confirming their views while omitting anothing that disputes them. If you are a democrat, and a good American, you have to condemn this. If not then what is the point? Either you are an American first or you aren't.

As you'll recall, the NYT story quoted the NIE as saying that our military action in Iraq has stirred up more jihadist activity. It conspicuously failed to quote the NIE as saying, as it did, that our withdrawal from Iraq would stir up even more jihadist activity.
If the staffer leaked the NIE to the Times, he could be criminally charged. And, of course, it's outrageous on every level for a staffer to leak classified material for political purposes. Especially a selective leak like this one.

democrats should be ashamed of this.


important bloggers, and then that greewald shithead

I being a nobody blogger watch this with great amusement. Greenwald's a choad, but illustrative of the left that seems to like him. The professor provided the link. Greenwald seems utterly unable to reason with a trace of intelligence. Which doesn't say a lot for the legal profession, if not just for that pinhead Greenwald.

A guy on the left outs gay republicans, but is all about privacy.

This is more shocking than I realized, and we should all be shocked.
Really, until today I hadn't fully understood Gay Demonization To Strengthen Cultural Tribalism, but I think I now know how it works.
It's simple, really. To activate the process, you have only to disagree with Glenn Greenwald.

if you're gay, you must be outed, manacled, dragged to the rack and tortured till you reveal all about rightwing gay hatred. Then they hose you off, and put you in front of the cameras to recite your confession with the bruises still on your face and wrists. Then you must convert to liberal orthydoxy, at which point you are let loose, but watched closely to prevent any heresy's like thinking rightwing......

who's the bigot here when free will is worthless because of who you sleep with?

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